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About Our Company

Felplast is a well known importer and distributor in the Indian Sub-Continent. The passion of its founder led to its exotic launch in the year 2013. As a major importer of injection molding machines & auxiliaries, Felplast sources state of the art equipment from Taiwan and then further distributes through a robust supply channel which caters to major corporations.

Felplast has tied up with the best in the industry in order to source the most cutting edge technology in auxiliaries by exclusively distributing Demand machinires brand's produce, in India. Demand machinires is a major Taiwanese player dealing with the innovative technologies like dehumidifiers, hopper dryers and auto-loaders. In what should sound as no surprise, Felplast has tied up exclusively with another Global with "Demand-Machinery" a company which has made a name for itself for having produced the most relevant Injection Molding Machines ,Extrusion Machines and pet preformation machines in the industry today.


With a focus to penetrate the Indian market, Felplast is committed to working closely with Taiwanese technology leaders in their respective domains such as SSPT and Demand Machinery. Being lead by industry experts comes with its perks, Felplast is a fully service oriented company which values their client's business, its stakeholders, and time. With what can be called a most organized distribution network, Felplast commits and stands by its promise to fulfill timely deliveries, no matter what the cost. A very qualified team of technical advisors are always at hand in order to assist our clients right from pre-sale to post-installation and subsequent service. Felplast is committed by offering world class technology coupled with service which is fast, effective and progressive.